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Texas Proclamation 2015 Digital Resource Page

This resource page includes all the documents and links for Texas educators evaluating social studies materials as part of Proclamation 2015.

Evaluation Guide and Brochures

These resources include information for:
  • Reviewing the six content bundles proposed by Nystrom for Proclamation 2015: Social Studies, Grades K5
  • Learning how these materials provide engaging, effective instruction and learning
  • Understanding how these materials richly support and apply literacy skills
Texas Proclamation 2015 Evaluation Guide for grades K3
Texas Proclamation 2015 Evaluation Guide for grades 45
Literacy and Social Studies Brochure
StrataLogica Brochure
Spanish Language Resources

Hands-on Programs in Action

Learn more about how our hands-on products for K3 are designed to work in a classroom setting here.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Digital Content

All packages contain digital content available at www.stratalogica.com. Sign up for the free trial available at the website. It includes all digital content for each package. NOTE: Each TEA Education Service Center also has login credentials for StrataLogica. A login can be used by one user at a time. To see and use digital content, select a type of content, open the menu on the left side of the screen, click the expansion triangle, and pick an option.
  • Early Learning, Readiness, and Intermediate map layers are located at MAPS.
  • The Texas Primary Map is also located at MAPS. Once the 3-D globe loads, click on 2-D. Expand the menu. Select State Maps, then Texas Elementary.
  • Flag and Symbols and Government and Civics charts are located at CHARTS. Expand the menu, then select Flags and Symbols Series.
  • The Block Buddy Atlas, Nystronaut Atlas, Map Champ Atlas, Junior Geographer Atlas, and My Country's History Atlas are located at ATLASES.

Correlations and Searching

To access and search a complete list of TEKS correlations for all materials in each bundle, log in to StrataLogica. Click on TEKS in the menu marked TASKS, located just below the big buttons. Correlations include a direct link to all referenced content provided digitally. For help searching in the correlations and elsewhere on the site, see "How to Search for Content on StrataLogica?," also at the TEKS button.