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THE NYSTROM ATLAS OF UNITED STATES HISTORYVisualizing U.S. history's what, when, where, how, and why


Rich in information and clear in presentation, this atlas's ten chronological units each cover a major era. After a "How Does This Atlas Work" introduction, the units each begin with a timeline and introductory text, and then the atlas's captioned, full-color maps and images are labeled "A-B-C-D" to guide readers logically from idea to idea. Map features include locator maps, explanatory captions, and carefully thought-out legends. Students gather, organize, and synthesize evidence from text and visual resources to place milestone events within larger historical trends, visualizing history as they learn content and build skills. Chronological organization develops an awareness of cause and effect. Recurring themes build a sense of historical continuity. The units reflect the National Standards for History, and are:
  • Three Worlds Meet, Beginnings to 1620
  • Colonization and Settlement, 1585–1763
  • Revolution and the New Nation, 1754–1820s
  • Expansion and Reform, 1801–1861
  • Civil War and Reconstruction, 1820–1877
  • Development of the Industrial United States, 1865–1900
  • Emergence of Modern America, 1890–1930
  • The Great Depression and World War II, 1929–1945
  • The United States After World War II, 1945 to Early 1970s
  • Contemporary United States, 1969 to Present
Grades 5–12. Index. Index of themes. Glossary. Table of state facts. Reference maps. 8½"x 11". 128 pages. 2017 updated edition.

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Also available:

  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES. Reproducible activity handouts for every two-page spread in the atlas extend students' social studies literacy and critical thinking skills, plus 15 additional information literacy lessons. Answer key. 8½"x 11". 135 pages.
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  • ATLAS PACK. Combines 30 atlases, the student activity book, and a five-year atlas ebook subscription with online activities.
  • ATLAS EBOOK SUBSCRIPTION. License for one teacher and all of that teacher's students.
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NYS182-WBNYS 9780782524758 Paperback atlas $14.95$13.45 (5 or more)
NYS5789-WBNYS 9780782526035 Student activity book with literacy lessons $125.00
NYS5947-WBNYS 9780782526684 ATLAS PACK: 30 atlases, student activity book with literacy lessons, 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $595.00
NYS2201E-WBNYS 5-year atlas ebook subscription $359.00

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