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Amplify The Nystrom World Atlas into a program that builds geography skills and content knowledge by adding auxiliary components and a substantial teacher's guide. The lessons help students understand and make connections between physical and cultural geography. Components: a class set of 30 atlases; 15 laminated, markable activity maps that fold out (from 19" x 13" to 19" x 52") showing six continents, the U.S., and the world; 15 markers; and a teacher's guide with 68 reproducible geography lessons, seven review tests, and an answer key. The teacher's guide includes an additional 15 information literacy lessons. Grades 6–12.

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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
NYS5650-WBNYS 9780782529524 COMPLETE PROGRAM: 30 atlases, 15 activity maps, 15 markers, teacher's guide with literacy lessons $875.00
NYS3008-WBNYS 9780782530209 Single foldout activity map $42.00
NYS0644-WBNYS 9780782513899 15 foldout activity maps $415.00
NYS181-WBNYS 9780782523263 World Atlas, single copy $14.95$13.45 (5 or more)

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