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THE NYSTROM NYSTRONAUT ATLASSee how small neighborhoods fit into larger communities


Grade 2

Students learn how maps can help them understand the ways families live, work, and play in the world’s many different kinds of communities. Features:
  • Bird's-eye-view maps that are intuitively understandable
  • Age-appropriate world, continent and U.S. maps
  • Supported by text, photographs, and illustrations
  • Cartoon characters who direct attention and pose questions
  • Emphasis on producers and consumers, government, and geography
A related 110-page activity book contains 26 reproducible lessons (with answer keys) corresponding to each two-page spread in the atlas, plus 15 information literacy lessons. Both the atlas and the activity book are available in Spanish (Los Nystronautas). The atlas is also available as a digital subscription. Index. Glossary. 8½"x 11". 48 pages.

Sample pages

Also available:

  • Spanish-language version
  • Student activity book
    Expand geographic knowledge, social studies literacy, and critical-thinking skills with 110 pages of 26 reproducible activities corresponding to each two-page spread in the atlas, plus 15 additional information literacy lessons. Answer keys. 8½"x 11".
  • Atlas ebook subscription
    License for one teacher and students
  • Atlas pack
    30 atlases, the student activity book, and a five-year atlas ebook subscription with online activities

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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
NYS0030-WBSSS 9780782510515 Paperback atlas $8.95$8.05 (5 or more)
NYS5028-WBSSS 9780782523768 Student activity book with literacy lessons $100.00
NYS5195-WBSSS 9780782526363 ATLAS PACK: 30 atlases, student activity book with literacy lessons, 5-year atlas digital subscription with activities $425.00
NYS8215-WBSSS 5-year atlas digital subscription with activities $241.65

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